The Frenz Experiment

April 20, 2010 at 10:39 am (Observations, Out) (, , )

I read, “Friendships lost to a fractures marriage”, or something like that

And I get to thinking; why should any emotive stillness on this earth mean more to me than any other, including my own,
and how can nonchalance make me so nauseous?
Everything is flat acrylic, little coloured plastic shapes. All isolated, all lines, all beyond my concern.
Every word seems to be follow by some inseparable question of its relation to the centre.

(which today is me)
So to find every word ending in a raw stump where meaning ought to be is frightening.
A friend of mine once said that if you’re not too afraid to answer, your questions can take you to the core of the universe.

And so I look at his baffling theory-fantasy upon this little white page and feel no excitement. This lack is almost puzzling.
Yet even that doesn’t disappoint me. I realise this amazement. It’s gutless, it lacks the bite of reality,
hollow core, vapours above.

So I have written the sky, but it is only a word.


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