Permanent Daylight

May 9, 2010 at 12:13 pm (Observations) (, , )

The things I have tried:

Poe, Screamers, Beetles, Shockers, J-Horror, Dogs, Black Clouds, Open Curtains, Examinations, M. R. James, Torture Porn, Clockless Rooms, Dark Gardens, Eyes, Daneilewski, Woods, Urban Legends, Analogue Cameras, Jumps, Emerson, Kubrick, Shouts, Edges, Falls, M. Myers, Sickness, Breath of Horses, Streets, Exploitation Cinema, Mice Entrails, Ellsion, Monsters, Elderly Wooden Boxes that Smell of Mint, Traffic, Static, Dusty Air, E. T, Faces in the Wall, Disaster, Sprints from an Unnamed Darkness, A Bird in a Room, Strangers, Expanding Walls, Coincidence, Loneliness

And nothing will scare me.
I wait for the axe to fall, feel bitter adrenaline on my tongue, my ribcage fluttering,
for I know it will again. That moment that gets smaller as it hurtles towards me.

and in the meanwhile, before the thread is cut, I chase the comfort of fear.


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