My Octo

November 10, 2013 at 9:59 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

My arrival on planet Earth began with

an inconsolable open mouth

which shut silent in swallowing


now exhausted, addicted

I take the long, slow exit

 from your planet dipped at the axis.


 to become part of any realm you consume their food

tonight prepared with much affection, fattening and hot

dumplings, spiced tuberous vegetables, garlic,

sour cream, smoked paprika and pumpkin


on my bed a nude and perpetual stasis; eyes down eyeballing my

Bermuda – the jutting hips and pubic bone

where earth men lost their way


the arch between convex

insides scooped out


thoughts dissipate and rise to the ceiling

with the damp

and gazing back at the body on the bed

with paranormal potency

riddle together sleepless while the ink warps


we stare at each other, those thoughts and I

now and then and later

until a sound then/now, here again and

further present a sound almost 9000 days after my first meal on Earth

the word

an extinguishing breath.


I stay a second longer with

his hand on my clavicle





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